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Humboldt and Del Norte counties are home to over 31,000 older men and women and Boomers—a generation that is entering its senior years in growing numbers each day.  The percentage of seniors as a proportion of the population of our two counties is higher than the percentage of seniors in our state.  The percentage of seniors in California is higher than the percentage of seniors in our country.   The North Coast is senior-friendly and the numbers of seniors who choose to live here reflects that reality.  

We are fortunate to enjoy the benefits of a large population of seniors—fully 18% of our population (2000 U.S. Census). This is a population that is expected to grow as Humboldt and Del Norte Boomers become seniors.  Our seniors bring expertise, experience, and the generosity of their generation's tradition of remarkable civic engagement.  They are a tremendous resource for our counties.  

The seniors of Humboldt County Snapshot.

The seniors of Del Norte County Snapshot.