Changing Banks may Lead To Medicare Plan Cancellation!

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(Submitted by: Janet M. Dahlke, MPH HICAP Medicare Counselor, Area 1 Agency on Aging)

HICAP has recently learned some Medicare recipients who have changed banks may be only days away from losing their Medicare Part B, Supplement plan, or Prescription Drug plan. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you have recently changed banks, or if your bank recently closed, and if you have automatic payments being made for your Medicare coverages, you need to be sure the payments are going through as planned. Unfortunately, not all folks realize they may need to complete new authorization forms. Your new bank will assist you with this process. In addition, you need to follow up with your Medicare plans to be sure they are receiving the payments. If not, you risk cancellation.

What can you do? Call your Part D and Supplement plan’s customer service right away to see if you are behind on payments. If so, they will tell you what is needed to get current and set up future payments. Be sure to contact your new bank if you need help. If automatic payments for Medicare Part B are being paid from your bank account, you may wish to confirm payments being received by calling Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.

HICAP’s Senior Medicare Patrol reminds you to always remain cautious and prevent Medicare fraud. Protect your identity and Medicare number! Don’t give out any personal information unless you have called a trusted customer service number and you are certain you know who you are talking to! Report suspicious calls or solicitations to HICAP!

HICAP is your Medicare Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program. If you need more information or have any questions about the above article, please call your bank directly, or call your local HICAP for assistance at 707-444-3000.

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