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Holly Helper

It's a Different Kind of Auction. Are you or a family member right-sizing, down-sizing or de-cluttering? Want to find out who wants what in your attic? Why not hold a family auction?

Fun Family Auctions makes passing down those treasures and heirlooms you've been meaning to go through fun and easy. Simply take a photo on your phone or camera, add a description of each item you'd like to hand down to loved ones, and let your family or friends place their bids!

But this is not like any online auction you've seen before. Your family "bidders" let you know how much they would like to have each item by bidding, not with money, but with their "hearts":

I Love It! "I Love It", I Like It "I Like It", I'll Take It "I'll Take It"*
* "I'll Take It" means I'd like it if no one else really loves it or likes it.

They can also "Pass" or not leave a bid. It's a great way for your family to let you know what they want, what they don't want, and for you to know who will appreciate and care for your heirlooms.