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Call us to help get your client’s home on the market quickly and efficiently.

Our process includes:

Decluttering:  To create clean and open space, packing and dispersing what’s not needed.

EASY Stage:  We use the client’s furnishing and our decorative skills to create an inviting home buyers will love at a low cost.

Packing and Unpacking:  We prepare the client's belongings for the move and unpack in their new home, if local. 

Coordinating the Move:  We coordinate with the mover and can connect your client to a Move Manager at their destination.

Dispersal:  We work with the client to identify items to be sent to family, sold, or donated. The home is left clean and clear for the new owner.

We work with people of all ages and specialize in working with seniors.

We also do home clear-outs - we work with executors of estates or legal conservators to arrange for removal of everything from a property.

We are your best resource for getting your client moving! 

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