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The Area 1 Agency on Aging is offering “The Nest” homesharing program to support seniors in our community to live independently in their homes. This program provides services to support both the home provider and the home seeker.

Homesharing is a living arrangement where two or more unrelated people share a dwelling with each having their own private space while sharing certain common areas all in exchange for rent, services, or both. There are a variety of homesharing situations and no two are alike; each is tailored to the needs and desires of the individual people involved.

This program offers support by way of informational booklets, meetings, workshops, and referrals to services. These tools are designed to help you start homesharing for yourself and all decisions regarding the homesharing arrangements are the responsibility of the individual people involved. 

Housemate matching, background screening, and lease creation services are available through and are not affiliated with the Area 1 Agency on Aging. At this time, A1AA does not provide housemate matching, screening, or house inspections.

For further questions, contact Information & Assistance at or call 707-442-3763.

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Information Meetings

Come to an information meeting to learn more about what homesharing is, ask questions, and gather resources. All meetings will start at 5:00 pm in the Eureka location at 434 Seventh Street.

Meeting Dates, 2018:

  • Thursday, February 22
  • Thursday, March 22
  • Thursday, April 26

How-To Booklets

A1AA has created a four booklet series to help you start homesharing. These booklets are meant to be used for educational purposes only and are not intended to be used for legal or financial advice.

Other Resources

National Shared Housing Resource Center

A clearinghouse of information for people looking to learn more about homesharing.


An online house sharing service pairing homeowners with pre-qualified housemates. Offers background screening, matching, lease creation, and automated rent payment tools.

Homeshare Central  or 707-362-8000

Offers regularly scheduled FREE, LIVE, telephone-based conversations about homesharing. Talk to others with similar questions and concerns, learn techniques for making the most of homesharing, or bring up your own issues.

The Roommate Coach

Information and techniques for homesharers and others wanting to make their living situations work as well as possible. Individual and group coaching services are also available.