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Cross Generational Housing Ideas -- By Kathleen Lee

What do college students and seniors have in common? Not much it would seem – different interests, different sleep schedules, and different food preferences. But these two very different groups often share two common problems – economic insecurity and lack of affordable housing. Continue reading here: PDF icon Cross Generational Housing Ideas BoomersAndBeyond-NestColumn-02-27-18.pdf


The Nest: From house to homeowner -- By Marc Linn, For the Times-Standard

To my dearest Homeowner:

We houses don’t usually talk, but will speak up when we think something is important to the people we care about, our homeowners. A local agency, Area 1 Agency on Aging, has announced a homesharing program that might be a good deal for us both.

Over the years, we have been through so much together...Continue reading here: