Ombudsman Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Ombudsman do?

Answer: The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program advocates for residents of long-term care facilities throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties in Northern California. We receive, investigate and help resolve a wide variety of complaints including issues concerning resident rights, quality of care, and quality of life and dignity. The LTCO program is also mandated to investigate reported instances of financial, emotional, physical or any other type of abuse against a resident in a Skilled Nursing Home, Residential Care for Facility for the Elderly or Adult Day Health program.     

Will the Ombudsman meet with the family to discuss concerns within a nursing home or residential home?

Answer: Yes

If I have a complaint, can I remain anonymous?

Answer: Yes          

Is there a list of care homes for Humboldt and Del Norte counties?

Answer: Yes                       

Can I help residents in long-term care?

Answer: Yes                       

Who can use this service?

Answer: Everyone is eligible to use Ombudsman services; residents, family, friends and staff of any nursing home or residential or assisted care facility.

Who do I call to get involved?

Answer: Call 707-269-1330 or email Ombudsman at: [email protected]