Senior Action Coalition

Who We Are
The Senior Action Coalition is a nonpartisan, grassroots group of older adults committed to working to address the concerns of seniors in our communities, take action regarding pressing challenges, and strengthen the voice of older adults in community decision making.

Our History
The Senior Action Coalition was formed in March 2012 based on a grant from The SCAN Foundation to the Area 1 Agency on Aging’s (A1AA) Project for Senior Action. The purpose of the grant from the SCAN Foundation is to strengthen the role of advocacy within the A1AA and to support the recruitment and training of 150 volunteers from various communities in Humboldt County to take an active role in making sure the voices of older adults are heard in the decisions that effect them.

The initial meeting of the Coalition on March 22, 2012 was followed by a two-day Senior Leadership Academy, jointly sponsored by the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA), Project for Senior Action, and the SCAN Foundation. The seminar included learning to organize a campaign, running effective meetings, and communicating with the public and elected officials.

To learn more, please contact the Senior Action Coalition by email to: [email protected] -or- visit the Senior Action Coalition Facebook page by clicking here.