Volunteer HICAP Counselor

Position Description

Essential Job Functions:

The HICAP Volunteer Counselor, under the supervision of the Program Manager (or designee), provides unbiased information to help Medicare beneficiaries make the best choices for their individual health care needs. These activities are related to the following HICAP objectives:

  • Inform the public and interested parties about Medicare and Medicare-related benefits and rights.
  • Assist Medicare beneficiaries with health claims and insurance problems through direct counseling and informal advocacy.
  • Support the independence of people making choices that affect their health and financial well-being.

Specific Duties:

  • Information sharing: In accordance with program guidelines, provide information through individual appointments and public presentations to Medicare beneficiaries, family members and other interested people regarding Medicare programs, Medicare supplement insurance, and other insurance coverage and programs at approved HICAP locations.
  • Advocacy: In accordance with program guidelines, assist individuals, as appropriate, to ensure clients’ rights and privileges under Medicare and other applicable federal and California laws or regulations are upheld, make appropriate referrals.
  • Record Keeping: Maintain accurate records on client contacts and services provided, and prepare reports and other data/information as requested by the Program Manager. Recording accurate notes into the HICAP database program is required.
  • Training: complete initial and continuing training requirements to remain current with Medicare and related issues. Participate in program training as requested. HICAP Counselors are required to complete a 24-hour initial training, 10 or more hours of observed appointments and at least 12 hours of additional training each year to maintain their registered status.


  • Interest in people and in assisting people to be more independent.
  • Interest and aptitude in the area of Medicare, health insurance, and senior issues.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and be respectful of diverse points of view.
  • Ability to clearly document details and information on forms and in database.
  • Ability and willingness to comply with all policies and procedures established by the local HICAP and CA Dept. of Aging.
  • Ability to be objective and unbiased.
  • Ability to provide counseling and information which will assist clients in making informed choices, and to refrain from recommending health insurance plans to clients.
  • Must be computer knowledgeable and be able to use Internet based research tools.

Other Information:

  • Service Location: The HICAP Volunteer Counselor will provide HICAP services from a designated or approved HICAP service site.
  • Confidentiality: The protection of a client’s right to privacy is of paramount importance to the HICAP. All counselors must abide by a contract that assures client confidentiality and must comply with the Program’s confidentiality and conflict of interest directives.
  • Time Commitment: All HICAP Volunteer Counselors must agree to provide a minimum of 40 service hours a year and a minimum of 12 hours training.
  • DMV Check: Counselors requesting reimbursement for their travel expenses, when applicable, will have their DMV records checked.
  • Fingerprinting: Counselors will have their fingerprints checked through the Department of Justice, at no cost.
  • Mandated Reporters: HICAP volunteer counselors are Mandated Reporters for elder abuse cases, e.g. financial, physical, or emotional.

RESTRICTIONS: Individuals who sell insurance, or who receive gifts, compensation, or other financial gain from insurers, will not be considered for HICAP Counselor positions.

Link to HICAP Volunteer Interest Form is here.